cordin8 TenStep PPM

cordin8 TenStep PPM contains pre-configured forms and workflows based upon the proven ‘best practice’ methodologies of PortfolioStep, TenStep®, and LifecycleStep.   In addition, cordin8 can be configured to align with your organization’s desired structure and processes.  This flexibility enables a solution that best matches the organization’s needs now and ensures support for the organization into the future. cordin8 can be implemented centrally yet managed in a distributed manner by business units and departments.

Having all project information stored centrally and available real time to project stakeholders helps the organization achieve the planned results from its projects. Whether you are implementing a PMO for the first time or looking to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of an existing PMO function, cordin8 software provides you with just the right support.

The Portfolio Portal is used to: collect ideas; manage the PPM workflow; manage resources; and track the high-level schedule and budget of the portfolio project slate. For any project listed in the portfolio project slate, you can view its project summary, metrics, or access its project portal.

The Strategic Performance Management Portal is used to: define and track strategic objectives with strategic initiatives, measures and risks. You can further drill-down to any initiative to view its detail.

The Organizational Navigator makes it easy for executives to navigate multiple scorecards or portfolio within the organization. The Search feature provides quick access to any project.

Program and Project Portals have features to support the justification, planning, execution, and closing project management processes. Program portals are organized with linked project portals for roll-up reporting as well as drill-down. They also have document management, workflow, and collaborative capabilities.


Reports, such as this Program Budget Summary, are rolled-up from each linked project portal. The user can drill-down to further levels of detail on each project.

Executives can view scorecards and dashboards from their tablet or smart phone.

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